Telegram alarms

ADApools offers users the option to select a stakepool as favorite and send Telegram notifications when something changes in regard to that stakepool. Because of this you might receive notifications from time to time that a Cardano relay server of stakepool VRITS goes down followed by a notification that the same relay server is up again. The reason for this is that the Cardano process on the relay server has to be restarted every time that a relay server from another stakepool is added to or removed from the topology of stakepool VRITS. Having a healthy topology is extremely important for any stakepool, because block producing nodes can not push newly minted blocks to the block-chain. Instead of this Cardano uses a pull mechanism, where the relays of a stakepool pull the newly minted block from the stakepool’s block producing node, after which relays from other stakepools pull it away again.

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